Elettra Products has been manufacturing pressed metal products for the upholstery industry since 1989. Our materials are sourced from Australian owned businesses wherever possible and the steels used in the manufacture of  our products have been supplied by Melbourne based company Dawborn Steels for the past 30 years. This long term supply relationship with reputable companies ensures reliability of supply and quality from start to finish of the manufactured product.

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Flexible metal Upholstery Strip
Manufactured from malleable 0.4mm Galvanized strip
Flexible metal Upholstery Strip for use with leather
Manufactured from malleable 0.4mm Galvanized strip
Webbing Clip
For fixing of Elastic/Rubber Webbing
Manufactured from 0.8mm Galvanized steel
Metal Upholstery Back Tacking Strip
Manufactured from HiTen G550 Galvanized strip

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