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B019-023-141 Planter Pedestal 230mm dia x 410mm high

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B010-030-143 Oval Planter with Stand 300mm dia x 430mm high

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B010-018-120 Oval Planter with Stand 180mm dia x 200mm high
B010-024-138 Oval Planter with Stand 240mm dia x 380mm high
B010-025-126 Beaded Planter with Saucer 250mm dia x 260mm high

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B010-015-117 Beaded Planter with Saucer 150mm dia x 160mm high
B010-019-120 Beaded Planter with Saucer 190mm dia x 200mm high
B010-015-116 Cylinda Planter with Saucer 150mm dia x 160mm high

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B010-015-118 Bell Planter 150mm dia x 160mm high

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B010-012-115 Bell Planter 125mm dia x 150mm high
B010-012-116 Bell Planter 125mm dia x 160mm high
B010-021-120 Standard Planter with Saucer 210mm dia x 200mm high

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B010-017-115 Standard Planter with Saucer 170mm dia x 150mm high
B010-020-120 Cylindrical Planter no Saucer 100mm dia x 200mm high

B010-025-120 Cylindrical Planter no Saucer 250mm dia x 200mm high
B010-030-125 Cylindrical Planter no Saucer 300mm dia x 250mm high
B010-040-135 Cylindrical Planter no Saucer 400mm dia x 350mm high
B010-060-140 Cylindrical Planter no Saucer 600mm dia x 400mm high
B010-050-140 Cylindrical Planter no Saucer 500mm dia x 400mm high
B010-015-115 Cylindrical Planter no Saucer 150mm dia x 150mm high