Angled Ceiling Kit

Just a reminder that an angled ceiling kit is available for those situations where a pendant or spot on a rod needs to be suspended from a raked ceiling. The Rod length can still be adjusted, although it can only be cut to length and not pushed through into the ceiling cavity. See Page 10 of the Price List and add to pendant cost:

090-011-001 - Swivel Kit / Knuckle to fit

Angled Ceiling Kit


The Stingray wall bracket is now available in a satin brushed aluminium finish

Cornet Pendant

The popular Cornet pendant, is now available in solid copper (satin brushed), with either suspension rod in black or brushed aluminium. (Pictured with black suspension rod).  Ceiling cover plate comes in satin brushed copper.

See Page 6 of the Price List for costing :

021-309-004 - 1.0m Long Rod c/w 80mm Copper Coverplate
021-309-005 - 1.5m Long Rod c/w 80mm Copper Coverplate
021-309-006 - 2.0m Long Rod c/w 80mm Copper Coverplate


Copper Cornet


Low Voltage - The Haven Large and Studio Large, can be made as low voltage fittings (remote transformer). This is for applications where low voltage is required, but the bigger physical size of the Haven large or Studio large is desired. These would be made up as specials and needs to be specified on your order.  Pricing is the same as Large 60W Tungsten Halogen.

Special Frosted Glass - The Haven and Studio glass can now be supplied with a frosted (sandblasted) glass, where light glare needs to be reduced. A $5.00 surcharge applies. Please specify on your order.

Haven Grand : Tungsten Halogen 60W - The Haven Grand can be supplied as a tungsten halogen fitting ( the same as Haven Large, 60W linear ), where a higher light output is required in the bigger fitting.  Pricing is the same as Haven Grand Fluro.

IP Rating - The Haven and the new Studio exterior wall brackets are rated to IP24. The first figure (2) is a dust / particle rating the second figure (4) is the water rating.  Rating (4) is protection against sprayed water from any direction. Note: (Not water jets).


      Big Block

The Big Block metal halide recessed fitting is now available as a 2 light and 3 light. These fittings take a CDM-R metal halide globe.  The        product codes are:

Big Block 1 Light : 074-991-001
Big Block 2 Light : 074-991-002
Big Block 3 Light : 074-991-003