Exterior Copper Up/Down light 2 x 8.5W LED
 Solid Copper Construction with Specialized Angled Backplate to suit weatherboard profile
Astro Bar Light with brass lampholder covers. 3 metres long with G125 opal globes on 3mm wire suspension. 6 x 1 metre lighting frame with integrated 8.5W Dimmable LEDs and acrylic reflectors. To be mounted over Board Table direct to the concrete ceiling.  
Table Lamp manufactured using customer supplied shade and base components Specialized Kitchen lighting including ES three light pendant, 8.7W Integrated LED Cupboard spot and fitted LED strip backlighting. Finished in specified paint colour. Brass Metro 6 Wall Plate
Fitted with GU10 Led and brushed plate to mount house number
Garden Uplight 22W LED
 Aluminium Construction with Heavy Duty Steel Pipe Outer
Antique Brass Fitting Restoration
Reworked and Rewired with integrated 8.7W LED's
Brass Box Light Triple
Fitted with Integrated 1500lm output LED Boards and Opal Glass panels
Brass Box Light Single
Fitted with Integrated 4000lm output LED Boards and Opal Glass panels
Large Copper Ball Strap Pendants
Antiqued and clear coated with ES Lampholders
316 Stainless Steel In Ground Fitting
Low Voltage with Toughened Glass Cover
Glass 4 light Pendant
Fitted with 4 ES lampholders Steel Construction and 5mm Glass panels
Pendant 600mm long 80mm diameter
Fitted with Acrylic reflectors both ends and Integrated 8.7W LED's
Copper Up/Down Exterior
Integrated 8.7W LED's Turned Copper Inserts with Glass Diffuser
Large London Coach Wall Light
Aluminium with Toughened glass and Imported Low energy Linear globes
PENCIL UP DOWN GU10. Fitted with GU10 Lamps and powder coated gold inside to highlight the 45 degree angle cut when lit. Large London Coach Post Top Light complete with built in Inverter to allow Low Voltage supply and avoid major earthworks. Fitted with 4 x specialized low wattage linear lamps  
Brass Entrance Light Up /Down Integrated LED. Manufactured from sand blasted brass tube and fitted to weathered red gum sleepers. Solid Brass Cluster Pendant. Manufactured completely from brass with brass beaten spinnings brass rods and brass connectors this huge fitting ended up in the President suit of a resort in Northern Queensland. Custom Pie Light. Specialized pendant to fit over serving bench of a Pie shop. Fitted with powerfull tridonic boards giving out over 4000 lumens per unit.  
Box LED Panels. Large aluminium frames manufactured to house 4 x 600mm square LED panels with stainless steel wire suspensions. Powder coated black. ORBIT 500 with 5mm holes. Decorative finish to a 500mm reflector giving distinctive light pattern onto adjacent walls Cubic Up Down. Aluminium reflector powder coated black with3mm Opal acrylic reflectors. No visible fixing. Fitted with twin 13W integrated LEDS.  
Astro Pendant 4 arm on rod. Fitted with powder coated black aluminium rods and anodized gold centre body and lampholder covers. Solo Pendants. $00mm long Aluminium Bodies powder coated white with 80mm diameter sand blasted acrylic tubes 800mm long. Fitted with GU10 Globes Brass Metro 8 GU10. Brushed and clear coated inside and out and fitted with GU10 Globe  
Copper Orbit 250. Manufactured from solid copper and heat treated to give metal colours. Fitted with 8.7W integrated LED TETRA 6 Surface mounted LED GU10. Brushed Aluminium outside with clear coat and finished inside with primrose powder coat. Astro Table Lamp. Manufactured with turned wooden base and aluminium arm and lampholder cover.  
Beehive LED Pendant 1.2m square Beehive LED Fitting 700mm deep Beehive LED Fitting. Manufactured from powder coated aluminium and fitted with powerful LEDs. Suspended by 1.2# stainless wire  
Satelite with Integral Metal Halide. Powder coated white inside and black outside with air holes in the top to allow convection cooling. Fitted with high temperature silicon cable. COPPER ASTROS. Standard ES suspensions with differing shapes and finishes of coper lampholder covers. Completed with 80mm opper canopies to suit. PENCIL CTC with Swivel. Close to ceiling Brass fitting powder coated white inside. Fitted with Brass swivel to allow adjustment on angled ceiling.  


GAL PENDANT. Manufactured bt brazing all steel components and being dipped in hot gal to give the rough industrial finish. Fitted with a gal rod and ES lampholder. Copper / Stainless Weave Pendant. Manufactured by weaving and riveting series of folded copper and powder coated stainless pieces. Finished with 1.2# stainless wire and an ES lampholder. Steel Weave Pendant. Manufactured by weaving and riveting series of folded powder coated steel pieces. Finished with 1.2# stainless wire and an ES lampholder.  
Copper Table lamp with copper base and tray. Brushed and clear coated and fitted with integrated 13W Led Orbit 200 LED on Twisty 6mm aluminium rod Orbit 200 LED on Twisty 6mm Rod powder coated black outside and orange inside. Fitted with powerful 17W dimmable integrated LED.  
Coach Wall Light manufactured from brazzed steel with 4 glass panels and brass lampholder. powder coated black Orbit 500 Uplight with 40mm support pole and 3mm acrylic diffuser. Finished in brushed and clear coated aluminium outside and powder coated white inside Hand spun fixed table lights fitted with GU10 lampholders. Powder coated black with white powder coating inside the reflector.