Garden Uplight 22W LED
 Aluminium Construction with Heavy Duty Steel Pipe Outer
Antique Brass Fitting Restoration
Reworked and Rewired with integrated 8.7W LED's
Brass Box Light Triple
Fitted with Integrated 1500lm output LED Boards and Opal Glass panels
Brass Box Light Single
Fitted with Integrated 4000lm output LED Boards and Opal Glass panels
Large Copper Ball Strap Pendants
Antiqued and clear coated with ES Lampholders
316 Stainless Steel In Ground Fitting
Low Voltage with Toughened Glass Cover
Glass 4 light Pendant
Fitted with 4 ES lampholders Steel Construction and 5mm Glass panels
Pendant 600mm long 80mm diameter
Fitted with Acrylic reflectors both ends and Integrated 8.7W LED's
Copper Up/Down Exterior
Integrated 8.7W LED's Turned Copper Inserts with Glass Diffuser
Large London Coach Wall Light
Aluminium with Toughened glass and Imported Low energy Linear globes
PENCIL UP DOWN GU10 Large London Coach Post Top Light
Built in Inverter to allow Low Voltage supply and avoid major earthworks
Brass Entrance Light Up /Down Integrated LED Solid Brass Cluster Pendant Custom Pie Light  
Box LED Panels ORBIT 500 with 5mm holes Cubic Up Down  
Astro Pendant 4 arm on rod Solo Pendants Brass Metro 8 GU10  
Copper Orbit 250 TETRA 6 SURFACE LED GU10 Astro Table Lamp  
Beehive LED Pendant 1.2m square Beehive LED Fitting 700mm deep Beehive LED Fitting 1.2m square  
Satelite with Integral Metal Halide COPPER ASTROS PENCIL CTC with Swivel  


GAL PENDANT Copper / Stainless Weave Pendant Steel Weave Pendant  
PENCIL UP DOWN GU10 Orbit 250 LED on Twisty Rod Orbit 250 LED on Twisty Rod  
Coach Wall Light Orbit 500 Uplight