ELETTRA PRODUCTS has a process that can be applied to fasteners to provide a self-locking capability.  The Elettra-Lok fused pad self-locking fasteners provide a permanent locking method into any tapped hole, especially where conditions involve vibration, shock, or adjustability, and is low cost relevant to similar self-locking techniques.

The Elettra-Lok prevailing torque principle incorporates a resilient patch of special nylon compound permanently fused to the threads of bolts, screws, nuts and studs.  When the male thread on the bolt is engaged into the female thread of the tapped hole, the patch is compressed setting up a strong metal to metal contact, resulting in a high  frictional force which resists movement or vibration.  No separate items are required and the usual locknuts, star washers, spring washers, cotters etc, can be dispensed with.

Elettra-Lok allows several repeated removals, and fasteners treated with Elettra-Lok are ideal to act as adjusting screws and will prevent loosening even under severe vibration, and even when the fastener is not fully seated.

Elettra-Lok has been applied to standard and non-standard fasteners ranging in size from the minute spectacle frame hinge screws to 50mm hexagon head bolts for rail bogies, and can even be applied to fasteners that have been hardened without detriment to previous heat treatment.

Elettra-Lok has excellent sealing capabilities being tested in a variety of liquids on various thread forms up to 500 psi without leakage, and is impervious to petrol, oil, kerosene, alcohol, caustic solutions and most solvents and can withstand temperatures ranging from -50oC to +134oC.

Elettra-Lok conforms to international standard IFI-124 / 524 for class 2A bolts in class 2B nuts, and is designed to outperform the standard with substantially lower initial application and higher first and fifth removal torques.  The powder used in this process is RoHS compliant as specified by EU Directive 2005/618/EC.