Elettra Products has been manufacturing pressed metal products since 1989. Our materials are sourced from Australian owned businesses wherever possible and the steels and non ferrous metals used in the manufacture of our products have been supplied by Melbourne based companies for the past 30 years. This long term supply relationship with reputable companies ensures reliability of supply and quality from start to finish. We offer a full service of design and manufacture of tooling for new products or contract pressing with customers own tools. Our prices include all maintenance such as regular sharpening and minor repairs such as hole punch replacements and tool chips.


Automotive Industry

Over the years we have manufactured a large range of automotive products from 3mm to 0.4 gauge steel. Many as individual components but also as continuous steel strip that is spot welded together to allow 1000 metre reels of strip for secondary coating processes.
Continuous steel strip manufactured in 1000 metre reels as internal spines for plastic moulding Diesel Piston struts automatically pressed in to halves and spot welded together for insertion in the casting process
Internal door mechanism component manufactured from 3mm steel Various piston struts for insertion into the casting process
Building Industry

Elettra presses a wide variety of products for the building industry including components for suspended ceilings, window manufacture, sound proofing as well as colour advertising swatches. Materials include steel, spring steel, Aluminium, Galvanized steel, 304 stainless steel and 316 Marine grade stainless steel. We can offer a range of secondary finishing processes through our network of long term suppliers. These include heat treatment processes, rack and barrel plating, phosphating as well as in house powder coating and rumbling. We also offer secondary assembly processes where possible and will pack and label to customer specifications.
2.5mm gauge galvanized wire restraining clip 3mm Steel Crane safety latches Sound proof retaining clip Sound proof end retaining clip
Galvanized Rail Press Clip 316 Stainless Sliding door clips 316 Stainless sliding window clips 316 Stainless Door latch
Galvanized Bondek Clip Spring steel suspended ceiling clips Aluminium Colour swatches and Brushed copper name plate
Upholstery Industry

A range of metal products are manufactured on site specifically for the upholstery industry including upholstery strip, webbing clips and back tacking strip from durable non corrosive materials.
Coverfix material retaining strap from Galvanized steel Curlgrip leather retaining strap from Galvanized steel 50mm Web retainer clips 27 inch Back tack strip from G550 Galvanized steel
Lighting Industry

Pressed metal mounting brackets, aluminium circles as well lampholder brackets are all components manufactured from continous strip on automated pressing lines. These products have been designed in house and stocked to assist in the manufacture of our lighting range of products. We also have an extensive range of specialized individual press tooling assisting in bespoke manufacture of brass copper and aluminium components. We offer full in house finishing of these products including polishing, brushing and clear coating, antiquing, tapping and powder coating. We also offer plated and anodized finishes through our network of external contractors.
Pressed 50mm aluminium canopy Pressed steel Caps Short run steel pressings made with multiple tool setups Multi Stage Lampholder pressing. Tapped after pressing
Pressed wax catchers steel and aluminium Multi stage tooling brackets steel and tapped after pressing Washer pressings Steel,Brass and copper Pressed mounting brackets some with rivetted centre bodies

Specialized industries

Specialized componentry including cottage industries such as button and badge manufacture are areas we are happy to be involved. These often involve very specialized materials and processes but are not beyond the companies capabilities.
Copper button and badge shankes for casting into metal buttons and badges Copper button and badge shanks for soldering onto metal buttons and badges

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