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The things that can go wrong!!!!  
When you want to vertically mill 3mm copper Tony you should probably make sure the clamping jig is done up really tight!!          
See KK I told you powder coating wasn't that easy!! Expertize comes with experience and you have plenty of that still to come!   Dont think that was what the customer had in mind Josh when he said cut the reflector a little shorter!!!      
Think you may have left this copper tube in the acid way way to long Steve!!!   Danny what were you thinking when you mixed all those hooks in the one big container!!!      

Sorry Jackie didn't think to check if you were tall enough to assemble this job before we took it on!!!   Like I said Nikki doubt you will be able to powder coat over that particular etch primer!!!      
Its going to take you a long long time to brush all those rings Tony using just that tiny mop   Josh the shelving needed painting purple not the driveway!!!      
Oh dear I think we tried to trim this spinning a little to quickly!!!   Hurry Linda before the boss sees how much powder you have spilt!!!